Kingdom of Two Sicilies 1836 Termini-Palermo Royal Cachet 'REAL SERVIZIO' Stamp

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A fine 1836 cover – full description below.

A fine 1836 cover sent from Termini on 17/4/1836 to Signora Madre Abadessa del Monastero di Santa Chiara in Palermo. According to the red receiving stamp on the reverse. arriving on 19/4/1836. On the front a red ‘MSAG’ stamp (Marchese San Giacinto Amministratore) and the Royal Cachet: FERDINANDO II RE DEL REGNO DELLE DUE SICILIE. In addition there is a black ‘TERMINI’ handstamp and a black ‘REAL SERVIZO’ hand stamp (Royal Service). There is no charge for the posting as administrative letters were exempt from tax.

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