1884 Page from Parliamentary Speech Censuring Gordon's Sudan Mission + 2x Cards

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An 1882 page from a Parliamentary speech and two cigarette cards – full description below.

A page from an 1884 Parliamentary Speech by the Right Honourable Marquis of Hartington MP censuring ‘General Gordon’s Mission to the Soudan’ (sic). Plus two very fine Ogden’s cigarette cards featuring Major-General Charles George Gordon or Gordon of Khartoum as he was popularly known

The speech was delivered in May 1884 while Gordon was besieged in Khartoum defending the city against the Mahdi uprising. He failed and was killed by the enemy as Khartoum fell. Two days later reinforcements did arrive. but of course it was too late. By 1884 Gordon was a controversial figure and the Liberal Party did not support his intervention in Sudan.

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